About Us

What is TEG?

Through its first-rate network of more than 1,400 waste removal professionals, The Ecology Group (TEG) provides cost effective and efficient monthly waste and recycling management services for over 24,000 client locations throughout the United States and Canada. TEG is a waste management consulting company that specializes in creating relationships between businesses seeking lower costs on waste-removal and companies providing excellent waste-removal services. TEG’s program is devised to reduce waste and recycling charges through leveraged buying power, while providing waste hauling vendors the opportunity to capitalize on new business and grow into more markets. Furthermore, TEG assumes the responsibility of managing core customer relations between its clients and haulers, allowing both parties to focus more on their core business.


Since its inception in 1992, TEG has been committed to continually improving and maintaining excellent relationships for both its clients and waste vendors. By constantly refining its customer and consulting services, TEG has been utilizing its managed partnerships to deliver savings to clients in need of waste removal while allowing its network of affiliated haulers the opportunity to grow and expand their business.

Currently, TEG is developing an e-commerce program to accommodate its rapidly growing client base and network of affiliated haulers. The new initiative will capitalize on the benefits of electronic commerce by incorporating all of TEG’s existing functions and services on the Internet, as well as streamlining the process of matching approved haulers with clients who are in need of low-priced waste removal.